Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing

Touch therapy with traditional healing

This is a relaxing treatment. The meridians are stimulated, and the result is inner calm and a feeling of contentment. During the procedure the client may experience emotioal relief. Sámi traditional medicine works beautifully to assist the body's own healing and regenerative powers. 

Touch therapy has been found effective for stress, anxiety and irregular breathing. It is also a common experience that the immune system is given a boost.

According to the Norwegian periodical "Tara Frisk," "her hands carry a particular warmth, this is an inborn ability. Astrid's abilities initiates healing processes starting on the inside." 

Typical price for an hour - 60 minutes: 800nok

This healing with touch therapy can be ordered through phone (+47) 95 11 21 93 or mail at


Shamanic healing in Oslo

Distance healing

Astrid Ingebjørg Swart uses ancient techniques of healing in her work. Mother Nature brings healing, when you open the door to your heart to receive the healing. When doing this work, Astrid uses formulas and classic words. She gives treatment to children as well as adults.  

Traditional Sámi healing encompasses Sámi herbal medicine, sound healing, the collecting of souls, drum journeys, words, touch, crystal healing with stones from Finnmark, and spiritual counceling. These different methods are tailored to each client, and Astrid uses them all.

Healing is very effective against bad feelings, low self-esteem, negative bindings, low spirits, exhaustion and physical discomfort. According to the old wisdom, there is no clear distinction between soul and body. In Sámi traditional medicine, these are viewed as parts of an integrated whole and mutually interactive aspects influencing each other.


- Age-old Sámi technique of healing - harmonizes imbalances in the body

- The Sámi healing traditions build on insights and knowledge that has been acquired through millennia
- Shamanic healing is considered effective in stimulating the natural healing processes of the human body

Such healing can help children, adolescents and adults.

Typical price: 600nok for 50 minutes.

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