About Astrid Ingebjoerg Swart

Astrid Ingebjoerg Swart is the founder of Sarahkkas, established in 2008.

Astrid is heir to and carrier of the healing tradition of a Sámi noaidi. Astrid speaks the Sámi language, and is deeply rooted in the traditional Sámi culture. The Sámi language is her first and home language, since both of her parents were Sámi.

She wants to use her inborn abilities and inclinations to help other people. She does therapeutic work as a shaman and Nature therapist both in Oslo and elsewhere.

In addition, she lectures in Shamanism with Sámi traditions as her source. She gives lectures in Oslo, Asker, Kongsberg, Elverum, Hallingdal, Trondheim. Skien, Sweden and Germany. Astrid can also come to your local area and hold courses and lectures if you want than.

In the Sámi community, the healer tradition is commonly a heritage. Astrid is heir to the Shamanic tradition after a famous "seer" in Tana/Deatnu, Jovnna-Jovnna.

​Astrid Ingebjørg is known nationally and internationally through media. She accepts engagements from abroad with an interpreter who translates from Norwegian to the language in the relevant area.

She holds lectures on Sámi shamanism, and she can also do this for organizations and businesses. Do not be afraid to contact her if you are interested.

​Chinesiology: Astrid Ingebjørg is also a certified chinesiologist from Larvik, Norway

Astrology: Astrid Ingebjørg has completed courses at Astrologiskolen Hercules i Oslo

Zone Therapy: Courses at Axelson Skole i Oslo

Introductory course in medicine: A one-year course in the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and pathology at Tunsberg Medisinske Skole

Astrid Ingebjørg is a certified Medical Secretary

Astrid Ingebjørg has been taught Shamanic techniques by the Sámi shaman - noaidi - Ailo Gaup. She has undergone a number of other courses in practical Shamanism. 

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