Sarahkkas veiviserkort - Samisk Visdom -

Den samiske kulturen besitter stor kunnskap og visdom.

Sarahkkas veiviserkort i begge versjoner er en god støtte til deg som vil gå dypere inn i sjamanismen.

De populære kortene er solgt til innland og utland. Kjøp kortene her.

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Payment in Norway

Sarahkka's guide card version In channeled message from the spirit world
S.wizard card version I
NOK 380 Shipping NOK 60
Sum 440kr

Sarahkka's pathfinders card version II specialization card came in contact with your subconscious self
S. pathfinders card version II NOK 380
Shipping 60kr
Sum                                                        440kr

S.pathfinders card version I and version II NOK 760
Shipping NOk 100
Sum 860kr

Payment from abroad:

Account number: IBAN NO35 15030465242 SWIFT DNB ANOKK XXX

S. pathfinders card version I and version II NOK 760
shipping and fee                                           170kr

Sum 930kr

S.pathfinders card version I or II NOK 380
Shipping and fee 130kr


Sum 530kr


Sarahka's Pathfinders- Sami Wisdom Shamanic cards
48 magic cards, with a rich guide of 56 pages.

How to use the Sarahkkas Pathfinder Cards


The cards are divided into five themes:

-Sámi gods and goddesses

-Sámi culture



-Heaven and Earth

Sámi archetypical gods and goddesses can help you to see and learn about the large connections in yourself and the world view from a spiritual perspective, emerging from the highest principle. The other cards in the deck represent possibilities and adjustments you may need on your journey. The cards are precise, powerful and healing.


All the cards have a message for you, whether you choose to draw one card or lay out several cards. Use the cards intuitively. If a card falls out while you shuffle the deck, this card has an important message to you in relation to the question you have asked. Sarahkkas Cards is a fantastic tool for guidance. You will more easily be able to help yourself and other people from an objective viewpoint. These cards can be used alone as a tool to get a comprehensive overview of forces of the past, the present and the future. You have the possibility to get to know more about your full potential, through studying and getting insight in your personal, psychical and spiritual dimensions via the cards and the description that comes forward. It is important to remember that you can change your future via the creative power of thought. When your thought leads you to the highest, everything is possible. You are the creative magician in your life. 


Draw a single card:

Mix the cards. Think about a question you want to have answered. Then use your intuition, and draw the card from the deck out from your intuition. The card describes the answer. If a single card falls from the deck when you mix the cards, it must be considered drawn by the spirits, and that is the card. Either way, the card has an important message. Read the message in the leaflet.

Three-card laying:

Mix the cards. Think about a question you want to have answered. Then use your intuition, and draw three cards from the deck out from your intuition. Put them down on the table or floor one after another.

Interpretation of the three cards:

Card nr. 1: The present situation
Card nr. 2: The path forward
Card nr. 3: The result

Seven-card laying:

This laying of cards is more complex, and covers the future in greater detail.

Mix the cards. Think about the question you want to have answered. Then draw seven cards from the deck out from your intuition. Place them on the table or floor before you, in the shape of a half-circle. Read the message in the leaflet.

Interpretation of the seven cards:

Card nr. 1: The past
Card nr. 2: The present
Card nr. 3: Obstacles
Card nr. 4: Possibilities and potentials you have before you, which you may not have seen clearly.
Card nr. 5: Your own feelings and thoughts about the situation
Card nr. 6: The way forward
Card nr. 7: The result

Eight-card laying

Theme: Healing of your inner self - natural body - natural mind - your spirit

This procedure will help you to approach the instrument of your soul - you will find visions or heal relations.

Mix the cards. Think about a question you want to have answered. Draw eight cards from the deck out from your intuition, and place them in front of you in the pattern of a rod - or a shaman's stick. Read the the message in the leaflet.



Card nr. 1: Fundament - physical body - healing
Card nr. 2: Your emotions
Card nr. 3: Consciousness of Self - your individuality - courage and power
Card nr. 4: The soul - the soul's seeking visions
Card nr. 5: Inner and outer communication
Card nr. 6: Inner and outer vision
Card nr. 7: Spiritual guidance - teacher from the upper world
Card nr. 8: The teaching - what you can learn from the situation

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Sarahkkas veiviserkort versjon II

Sarahkkas veiviserkort versjon I

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Astrid Ingebjørg Swart is the founder of Sarahkkas, which was established in 2008. She has designed and introduced Sarahkkas Pathfinder Cards. She is a Sámi shaman from the North of Norway, and she gives courses on shamanism in Norway and abroad. She is well-known internationally as well as in Norway.


Margit Berg, born 1951, from Germany, is teacher, translator and artist. She is the artist behind the water-color paintings of the Sarahkkas cards. She has illustrated books and paints both realistic and abstract. She has a profound interest in Sámi culture, language and everyday life. She has been educated by the acknowledged Sámi shaman Ailo Gaup.

"Mye livsvisdom som formidles i boken. Nydelig tekst som berører.

Budskapet i kortene er treffende. anbefales". Karin 46år

4-stjerners middag TVNorge

The celebrities from 4-star dinner proudly show off Sarahkka's Pathfinders

Erlend Elias og Astrid

Erlend Elias promotes Sarahkka's Pathfinders on TV2 Good morning Norway. The journalists were allowed to draw their own card.

Sarahkkas veiviserkort versjon II

"Du lager bare helt fantastiske kort, et godt hjelpemiddel i hverdagen"

                                   Nina 49år

"De er är fantastiska. Finns en "tyngd i dem som är olik de första korten".

                                   Anna 51år

Supert! Meldingen er mottatt.