The Sáráhkká Festival is a place where people meet Across cultures, the human meeting place is the heart. Sarahkka is the goddess of love and fertility.

She kindles the fire in your heart to help you get in touch with your own power of love and your consciousness, which results in what you go "pregnant" with and what you "give birth" -what you carry into the world.

Sáráhkká is closely related to the creation of animals and humans, and by focusing on her power we gain focus on the good power which is inherent in all of us. So that we come in harmony with Mother Earth, animals, plants and all life associated with creation and production.
Then we create a life that is in harmony with ecological consciousness and we can live in line with the values ​​of nature.

How does today's modern man experience nature? Our own inner nature in the face of the outer landscape? At the Sáráhkká festival you can share your experiences with others. Here you have the opportunity to create, bring joy or just be in the moment.

There will be booth, music, workshop, sales stalls, stories, seminars, entertainment and lectures.
At the festival you have the opportunity to visit exciting exhibitors from Norway, Sápmi and from other traditions and countries, all from shamans, artists, performers and artists.

You will have the opportunity to participate in:

• Indian dance workshop
• Make your own rattle of reindeer skins
• Make your own shaman drum with traditional reindeer skin
• Ceremonies, such as the Chagas ceremony
• Sami thought universe
• Ritual dance and music
• Sarahkka's love ceremony etc.
• You can do qigong exercises with sami traditional joik
• Joik Courses
• Sámi indigenous insights
• Ritual nature walk
• Attend drum tours
• Common drum journeys around the fire
• Communicating indigenous perspectives and ancient traditions
• Sami healing tradition
• Healing methods from the elements of nature
• Silent shamanism
• Quiet travel with shaman rod
• Workshop, mini-course
• Tells While
• Plant walking and plant meditation
• Children's opera Sami The search for the Northern Lights and much more will be on the program next year. Watch.


Livsveiledning Oslo og Hokksund
Kanalisering Oslo og Hokksund

Livsveiledning kurs og utdanning

Ønsker du en samtale med Astrid Ingebjørg?
Hun hjelper deg med råd og veiledning.  Astrid har fått mange positive tilbakemeldinger fra kunder. Les under anbefalinger.

Samtale med Astrid Ingebjørg er veiledende og kan hjelpe deg til en større selverkjennelse, men gir også en pekepinn hvordan du selv kan være med på å forandre veien eller

retningen, som en følge av ditt høyere selv og dine dypere intensjoner, inspirasjoner, ønsker og behov.

Hun gir veiledning på telefon og på Smestad klinikken Sørkedalsveien 90A i 2. etasje. Skriv hvor lang varighet du ønsker på timen din.

Varighet: 50min

Pris: 800kr

Varighet: 60min

Pris: 900kr

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