Courses in shamanism

What do you learn?

Astrid Ingebjørg Swart lectures in shamanism with Sámi traditions as her fundament.

The complete course is structures like this:

Stage 1

Sámi shamanism
The meeting and "installation" of the power animal
Healing with helper animals
Drum travel
The fire in the center and the power of nature
Tools of the Shamanic trade
The Way of The Shaman and the finding of the connections
The connections with the natural phenomena
Healing methods for your own self
Inner work
About power points (commonly known as "chakra")
Meditations on and in Nature

Stage 2

Learn how to give power animals
Train to tap into the healing powers
Use of breathing, dynamic breathing exercise
Healing methods for yourself and others
Sámi shamanism
Understand the blockages that hinder you
Your feminine and masculine self
Power animals as helpers
The Drum Journey
The connection with power places, where the outer landscape meets your inner landscape
The use of sound to heal different power points

Stage 3

Liberations from hindrances

The Shamanic approach to work with processes
The connection with the overworld
Transformation, "new birth"
Distance healing, prayer and healing
Drum journeys to the overworld
The collection of "lost souls"
Dynamic meditation, breathing techniques
Create your own medicine wheel

Healing of time
We will perform a collective healing of things in the contemporary world/society/natural environment that need to be healed

Stage 4

Soul travel
How to extract and remove rigid blockages, an old Sámi method
The power of thought
Training in clairvoyance
Initiation, the Shamanic body
Drum journeys to the overworld
To find your teacher, your guide, your helpers
Where does the path go now, the path of your heart
The qualities of the healer

If you want to go through this education, contact Astrid Ingebjørg at

Courses in shamanism

Do you want to develop your talents?

Sarahkkas offer extensive courses in shamanism and Sámi traditions. The courses include four weekend seminars during a period of two years. In other words, we meed twice a year during the course. In addition, there is a weekend seminar every fifth month. You have the option to choose separate small courses or the whole extensive package. Of course, the best is if you take it all - then you will learn more.

When you go through the stages of this education, you will experience a wider awareness, you will acquire a greater understanding of the human life and psyche, and you will understand more of the body's reactions and inspirations. You will access and tap into the true qualities of your soul and as a result you will gain in insights, wisdom an creativity.

What is shamanism actually?

​"Shamanism is a universal heritage. Shamanism contains the oldest known methods of power, insight, healing and self-realization." (Ailo Gaup, in his book "The Shamanic Zone)

The shaman works for humans, the external natur and for him- or herself. The source of Shamanism is Nature and natural forces. By observing Nature, we can learn, gain knowledge and unfold in harmony with our own inner nature.

Through live, we incessantly weave new understanding, new knowledge and new experiences into the web of Life. When we tune harmoniously into this process of weaving, inspiration and increased perspicacity our inner potential being who we want to become is awakened more and more. The inner truth - what we know to be true without necessarily knowing why at the outset - can then materialize into understanding and outer realization. 

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