Distance healing

Distance healing is performed when the healer is not in the same location as the client. Today, this is often performed through telephone calls because a phone call is an effective method of distant communication making immediate feedback possible. This means that given the healer's abilities, distance healing by phone calls can be as natural as if you sat in the same room as Astrid Ingebjoerg. If there are no phones, distance healing can of course still be performed albeit then without the immediate feedback.

Distance healing is traditional. In the Sámi community where Astrid grew up, it is common practice to ask a person with special abilities to assist during crises or when disease or distress strikes. This is considered a form of health work and to help other people is an act of love. This tradition is typically conveyed and taught from generation to generation. 
Even today's sophisticated science cannot explain how and why distance healing works. However, experience past and present demonstrates that healing does work.

Astrid Ingebjørg says: "Symbolic images, signs and forewarnings come to me, if there is something I need to be told. That is an inborn gift, and one by which I feel privileged."

Healing through telephone:

400nok - 30 minutes
600nok - 45 minutes

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