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Sarahkkas Sámi Indigenous Festival
17th, 18th, and 19th of June, 2022 
In Eidsfoss

In Eidsfoss

Friday: at 10:00–23:00

Saturday: at 10:00–24:00

Sunday: at 10:00–18:00


Café: Sale of vegetarian food, reindeer dinner bidoš, kakes, coffee, tea, og soft drinks.

The festival is a non-alcoholic arrangement

The Sáráhkkás Sámi Indigenous Festival is a place where people across cultures meet, with the human place of meeting being the heart. 


Sáráhkká is the Sámi goddess of love and fertility. She kindles the fire in your heart to help you get in touch with your own powers of love, and with your consciousness. This kindling results in what you carry and what you "give birth to" — what you bring into this world.


Sáráhkká is closely related to the creation of animals and humans. By focusing on her power we gain focus on the good power which is inherent to us all. In this way we gain harmony with Mother Earth, animals, plants, and all life associated with creation and production. We then create a life that is in harmony with ecological consciousness, so that we can live in line with the values of nature.


How does today's modern man experience nature? What about our own inner nature when met with the outer environment?


At the Sáráhkkás Festival you can share your experiences with others. Here, you will get the opportunity to create, bring joy, or just exist in the moment.


There will be music, workshops, shops, ecological food, stories, seminars, entertainment, and talks.


At the festival you will have the opportunity to visit exciting exhibitors from Norway, Sápmi, and other traditions from other countries — everything shamans, performers, and artists.

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Sarahkkas samisk urfolksfestival

Ønsker du å være frivillig?

Ta kontakt med Maria Lønnemo:

At the festival you can participate in:

  • Making your own rattle of reindeer skin

  • Indian dance workshop

  • Making your own shaman drum with traditional reindeer skin

  • Ceremonies, summer solstice, and water ceremony

  • Summer solstice ceremony

  • Sámi nature understanding

  • Sámi thinking

  • Music

  • Mantras, songs, and chanting

  • Creation with nature spirits

  • The inheritance of the Vikings

  • The many worlds of nature

  • Ancient dance

  • Power animals and shamanism

  • Communication with animals

  • Sáráhkkás ceremony of love

  • Course in joik

  • Writing workshop

  • Concerts

  • Sámi indigenious insight

  • Ritual nature walk

  • Take part in drum journeys

  • Joint drum journeys around the fireplace

  • Discussion of indigenous perspectives and old traditions

  • Methods of healing using nature's elements

  • Silent shamanism

  • Silent journey with shaman staff

  • Workshop, mini course

  • Talks

  • Story time

  • Children's activities

  • Children's theatre

  • Children's parade (opening ceremony)

  • Workshops for children and adults

  • Herbalist course

  • Walk and meditation among plants

  • Children's opera in Sámi: The Hunt for the Northern Lights

  • Shinrin-Yoku arose in Japan in the 80s and means to absorb the woodland atmosphere.

  • Aktiv Eidsfoss offers canoe activities. They have 8 canoes available during this year's festival, for both children and adults.

  • The drum circle of the world

Make your own drum or rattle with reindeer skin: 
There is limited space for this activity, so please sign up early.


When you sign up to make your own drum, everything is included (reindeer skin, frame, horns for handles, and components for drumsticks). The price is 2,800 NOK. Send an email to

When you sign up to make your own rattle, everything is included (reindeer skin and other components). The price is 500 NOK. Send an email to 






Sale of books, duodji (Sámi hand crafts), art, hand crafts, hand made knives, home made products, rattles, drums, shaman shawls (silkii), stones, crystals, necklaces, and more.

Sale of Sámi Wisdom Cards — 48 magical cards

Sáráhkkás Guiding Cards Version I

Channeled from the other side

Sáráhkkás Guiding Cards Version II

The wisdom cards will help you get in touch with your subconscious self

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Would you like to rent a sales booth? Do a talk, entertainment, or worshop at the festival?

Please get in touch


Thorill Jansen

Mobile phone: +47 441526642

Astrid Ingebjørg Swart




Free of charge for festival attendants

Bettum verksted:

Bring your own tent. It is 200 meters to walk to the festival area. It is free of charge, but you will have to inform Solvår for the offer to be valid.

Sandviken by Eikern:

There is space to stay overnight in tents at Sandviken, 700 meters from the festival area. Bring your own tent or hammock. It is free of charge but you will have to inform Solvår for the offer to be valid.

Football grounds by Vassbotn:

If you arrive by motorhome/camping van, you can park it here. There is plenty of space. Let Solvår know.


Those who stay overnight at Bettum verksted can use the toilets at Pålsbua. Those who stay overnight at Sandviken can use the outdoor toilets at Sandviken.

PS: Those who stay overnight in tent/motorhome/camping van/hammock are responsible for the area. Please clean up after yourselves. Collect any trash, so it will be welcoming to the next visitors. Look after each other, take care, and show consideration. 

Sign up for staying overnight in tent/motorhome/camping van

Contact: Solvår Ramsberg

Mobile phone: + 47 47057923


Other overnight options at Eidsfoss, contact:

Thorrud Camping, phone: +47 33057099

Eikernveien camping: +47 92837766

Visit Eidsfoss and Visit Holmestrand offer more options

AirBnB, hotels, inn, guesthouse, cabins, camping spaces

Holmestrand, 20 minutes

Hokksund, 20 minutes

Kongsberg, 35 minutes

Asker, 40 minutes

Tønsberg, 40 minutes

Drammen, 40 minutes

Oslo, 1 hour


Andre overnattingsmuligheter på Eidsfoss ta kontakt med:

Thorrud Camping, telefon: 33057099

Eikernveien camping: 92837766

Besøk visitt Eidsfoss og visitt Holmestrand for flere overnattingsmuligheter

Hof 75 rom til leie 
Overnattingsplass på Hof kun 8 min fra Eidsfoss

Familierom 5 personer 1200kr

Dobbeltrom 2 personer 800kr

1 Køyeseng ( 1 til 2 personer) 700kr

Ønsker du frokost 100kr ekstra for barn prisen 50kr

Kommer du med barn er det rom med barnesenger, babysenger. Enkelt standard på rommene. Sengtøy og håndkler inkludert i prisen og oppredde senger. Enkel standard.

Når du kommer dit er det hyggelig betjening som ønsker deg velkommen

Kontakt Liz på mobil: 95864214

Kongsberg hybelmotell

Kongsberg vandrehjem

Best Western Plus Gyldenløve hotell


Kongsberg Nordic choice hotell

kun 30 min med bil fra Eidsfoss

Sanden hotell hokksund


Langebru i Hokksund

25 min med bil


Hokksund, Vestfossen, Kongsberg, Hof, Eidsfoss, Holmestrand

Holmestrand, 20 minutter

Hokksund, 20 minutter

Kongsberg, 35 minutter

Asker, 40 minutter

Tønsberg, 40 minutter

Drammen, 40 minutter

Oslo, 1 time

Bures boahtin — velkommen

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There is plenty of parking space outside the festival area. We advice multiple people to travel together, to spare the environment.

Collective transport:

For trains, visit for an overview of train times.

For buses, visit and plan your journey.

Directions to Eidsfoss:

Many roads lead to Rome, but we are going to Eidsfoss

From Oslo:

Follow E18 towards Drammen. Follow the road towards Tønsberg. Turn off towards Sande and follow the signs to Eidsfoss.


Gamle Eidsfoss Markerudveien 10, Hallen sceneområde




Thorill Jansen, mobile phone: +47 41526642


Eidsfoss Kro

Kosmologisk Livstro

Stensaas reindsdyrslakteri

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cropped-kosmologisk-livstro-logo1-e1479415988945-1-150x150, bilde Logo Kosmologisk Livstro
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Our partners are:

Lyckliga Gatan-barnefestivalen

Musikkforeningen Eidsfoss

DNT Holmestrand

Aktiv Eidsfoss

Support us:

Foreningen Sarahkkas

Org. nr.: 925 883 182

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